Returning to previous desires to publish, we have decided to begin with this catalog, one in which, apart from bringing to life an idea, is also bringing together Shag’s work, not only including his drawings from the exhibition, held in Madrid in May-June 2007, but also the artist’s new work, created for the 2007 Feria Estampa of Madrid.

We hope that this publication will convey the same intimate feel that one can have when seeing the work directly in the gallery. It is for this reason that each reproduction has both a general and a up-close version, which allow the reader to enjoy Shag’s work in detail.

Four Hands, The Drawings of Shag
Published by Pelayo47 & Ediciones Balboa
15x15 cm. 84 pages. 17,50 €

Limited edition catalog of 500 copies, only available at Pelayo47 and Madrid Cómics.

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